Since 1860, the time this liquor is born through thee infusion of water and aromatic herbs infusion in alcohol, the Campari*** aperitive literally means the true Italian aperitive. Actually you can’t imagine an Italian aperitive without Campari.

The famous Bar Campari was founded around 1915 in Milan in the iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. I think many of you know this place and it was here that many artists, intellectuals, politicians were stopping by making this place, step by step one of the trendiest place to be and the address you couldn’t miss to have an aperitive in Milan.

Today when we think to the Campari brand we associate it not only to the concept of Italian aperitive but also to the arts or 60s architecture. And in fact Campari brand was one of the first to mix advertising with arts, architecture, creativity in general. Already in the early 900, when Fortunato Depero, avanguarde painter and sculptor, realized a Campari advertising campaign (which after had given origin to the iconic little bottle) the link between arts an Campari became unbreakable. And later on many more of artists, designer or even filmmaker or actors cooperated with this brand making it one of the most prestigious.

That is actually why Campari, with his vivid red color, its extraordinary original taste and its linkage with arts became the icon of the Italian aperitive but also the essential ingredients for outstanding cocktails such as the Americano, the Negroni or more the Campari Tonic.

The Campari Tonic in particular is the bestseller of the longdrinks and it perfectly fits with summer: fresh, acid enough, intriguing and with a sweet note!

No aperitive can start this summer without a Campari Tonic.

The Campari Tonic is actually very simple to realize (as I did in the pictures below). You just need to follow this recipe in a glass prefilled with icecubes:

  • 1 volume (3cl) of Campari
  • 3 volumi (9 cl) of tonic water
  • a slice of lime as final touch

…and a new Red Passion summer had begun!

*** “The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for the health, to be consumed with moderation” ; “sponsored content”.






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