A corner of paradise: Halong Bay. I left Hanoi on board a romantic cruise ship to spend two days relaxing in Halong Bay. On the journey I have time to read for the second time one of my favorite books, L’AMANT of Marguerite Duras, this time trying to give a real image to the landscapes that she describes and I was lucky enough to discover in the last few days.

On the horizon I begin to glimpse some of the 3000 limestone islands that are part of this magical place.

For my cruise I chose a mini jumpsuit by Cycle, a hat bought by a sweet Vietnamese in Saigon and a ring with a Mabe pearl that reminds me of Phu Quoc 🙂

I I will tell you a lot more in the coming days!

Halong-Bay-Hanoi Halong-Bay-Hanoi Halong-Bay-Hanoi-La-Coquette-Italienne Halong-Bay-Hanoi- Halong-Bay-Hanoi-La-Coquette-Italienne- Halong-Bay-Stellar-Cruise Coquette Italienne in Hanoi Halong-Bay-Hanoi-La-Coquette-Italienne Halong-Bay-Hanoi-La-Coquette-Italienne Halong-Bay-Hanoi-La-Coquette-Italienne


  • Mini – Jumpsuit : CYCLE



  • Halong Bay



  • Stellar – A Class Cruise
  • Best Cruise’s Guide : Luca



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