KEI RESTAURANT PARIS : Unique Gastronomy Experience

Kei is a French gastronomic restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Before of yesterday, I passed in front of it many times attracted by the minimal chic design which could be perceived even from outside, many times I said myself that soon or later I should have tried it. Finally today I can tell you about my experience there. In fact the elegant and chic ambience with its shades of grey, white and silver is the first thing that catch you when you arrive. The second is the professionalism and the kindness of the personnel. The third, well, the most important one is obviously the taste which I don’t exaggerate if I define it “unique”.

The History

The chef, Kei, after a first experience of French kitchen in his country of origin, Japan, moves to Paris where could fine tune his “high end gastronomy” research next to the well-known chef Alain Ducasse. In 2011 he decide to open his first restaurant, Kei, that today can be proud to have one Michelin Star.

The Kitchen

The culinary creations of the Kei restaurant literally invite to the awakening of the senses. Each plate composition is aesthetically perfect, with the right balance of colours, tastes and ingredients. All plate is different and unique. Some plates of the chef change every day (and this makes the Kei restaurant a kind of “regular surprise” even for usual customers), some instead could be re-proposed from time to time. Every ingredients is personally selected and chosen by the chef.

The menu I decided to choose is called Harmonie Collection and here below you can find an image.

My Favourite

My favourite plate has been The Garden of Crispy Legumes, wth fume salmon, mousse of rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and black olives, a real spectacle for the eyes and the palate. Just thinking to it my mouth is watering!

Quality/Price Ratio

Although it is a starred restaurant the price especially at lunch could be quite affordable considering the quality of the experience and the service and the fantastic plates you will have the chance to taste!



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