La Folie Douce Cannes

La Folie Douce Cannes

Today a very intense week begins as the Parisian Haute Couture is starting.
Nevertheless, I had to find the time to share with you my crazy and sweet experience in Cannes with a fantastic team of bloggers thanks to La Folie Douce, Mumm and the exceptional hospitality of the Hotel Majestic Barriere. But first things first.

La Folie Douce phenomenon is a difficult one to explain to those who has not heard it.

It’s a mix of fooding and clubbing very much focused on music that was born in 1969 and that attracted the colest people from the world, with the purpose to satisfy all the people skiing in the Alps who were seeking for an unforgettable experience between one track and the other. Now for the first time this succesful and chic concept has been taken from the top of the mountains and offered in one of the coolest french seaside location.

Which one? Of course Cannes and if that is not enough the Hotel Majestic Barriere as been selected as a top location for it.
I spent there 3 very intense days and I can’t really describe all the feelings and emotions I had but let’s start from the beginning…
On the first night, just arrived, I ran at the poolside of the Majestic to attend a welcome cocktail organized by Mumm and there I had the pleasure to meet Mumm and La Folie Douce’s teams.

Just the time to relax and then have a very nice dinner that was the time to think to the next day.

I woke up relatively early for my standards, quick breakfast and then off to the deck of the Majestic where a boat was waiting to bring us over a big catamaran.
The sea water was extraordinarily clear and I could not wait to dive into it at the first stop of the boat.
After a bit of relax in the fresh water of the Cote Azur, we finally arrived in front of the island of Saint Marguerite (or Santa Margherita a l’italien).

The first thing I noticed was the famous prison where the legendary man wth the Iron Mask was detained, then these arrows with these fancy destinations and finally the restaurant La Guerita were I could have very tasty lunch mixed meat and fish and always accompanied by a glass of champa
After that, a siesta on the catamaran to tan a little with that fantastic sun and then go back to the land at the Clarins Spa (in the Majestic too) for a relooking and a special makeup for the evening.
At 7pm the dock andand the beach were packed with people having fun the long-awaited show of La Folie Douce was starting between music, food and of course many many champagne bubbles by Mumm.
An evening to remember! Moreover, even my return to Paris kept this #foliedouce mood: immediate re-take off after touching the ground of Orly track, folie but not so douce :-) See you soon!

Credits of some pics by  @guilhemcanal


Dresses : Zara / H&M

Bikini: Calzedonia

Sunglasses: Etnia Barcelona

Bag: Chanel


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