I have just come back from my trip to Vietnam and one of the most beautiful places I visited was Phu Quoc island.

Phu Quoc is a small island on the border with Cambodia and it ensure to its visitors infinite beaches, wonderful weather and pristine landscapes. For my staying there I chose La Veranda Resort.

I arrived there in the morning from Saigon. The strong turbulences and the frenetic life of Ho Chi Minh City made me a bit tired, but at my arrival the hotel team was able to make me immediately comfortable in the restaurant where I could refresh myself with a nice welcome drink while the check in was settle down.

The path from the lobby to the restaurant was a mysterious crescendo of emotions. Walking through the amazing tropical garden I couldn’t expect what’s next and passing aside some wonderful colonial styled building like the hotel spa, stopping by time to time to admire wonderful flowers, I reached the hotel restaurant “Le Jardin” (one of the two restaurants of the hotel) and there an amazing view on the private beach of the hotel with a blue and calm sea till the horizon. Nothing could be better to quickly change my mood to the relax.

Just the time to laid down and drink my ginger tea and my suite was ready. The room was located in a secondary building with a great sea view, the design as mentioned in a remarkably chic colonial style was great but especially the wooden shutters mixed to the light coming from the big windows on the balcony were giving to the room a magical light especially at the sunset. Many hotels or restaurants sometimes try to identify a premium experience with an extreme modernity, but I always thought that the real luxury is coming from a combination of sobriety and elegance mixed to an impeccable customer service.

In the room everything was styled to ensure the maximum comfort from the big bed to the bathroom and it’s outstanding bath and to the big balcony where you could admire the sunset shading behind the palms in front of the building. From the first day to the last ones it was always a moment of pleasure and relax coming back into the room and take some rest before going out for the dinner at the Peppertree which is the Vietnamese-French cuisine hotel restaurant.

I was supposed to be there for only 2 nights but the amazing activities offered by the hotel and the infinite inspirations that the island is offering every day I extended my stay at La Veranda Resort day by day until an entire week.



  • Tran Hung Dao Street
  • Duong Dong Beach
  • Phu Quoc Island
  • Vietnam

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