LE GRAMONT : The oldest brewery on the Grands Boulevards

The Gramont is the oldest brewery on the famous parisian Grands Boulevards. Its name has remained unchanged since 1922, but the restaurant is now experiencing a new youth, thanks to the new decor that is a mix of modern and vintage. The first thing I liked when I arrived at the restaurant Le Gramont is actually this vintage-chic decor that have plunged me in a very Parisian universe.

The second thing I liked was the professionalism of the staff who combined the kindness to make this place right away in the ranking of my favorites. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes and I was spoiled for choice when choosing. I had already decided to try the brunch on Saturday, but then I saw that he also had a dish that I love and that I could not resist: scallop with their risotto. A true delight!

Among the other dishes I really liked then there is the onion soup and the natural tartare (two typical Parisian dishes, whose taste, however, changes from one brewery to another). Finally, I also wanted to taste the desserts of the day and even the desserts were really good.

I recommend this place if you are looking for a vintage-chic brewery where you can find quality food, excellent service and good value.

Bon appetit!


LE GRAMONT - Paris restaurant

LE GRAMONT - Paris restaurant

LE GRAMONT - Paris restaurant



  • Address: 15 Boulevard des Italiens, 75002 Paris
  • Phone: 01 42 97 58 50

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