Today I will present in preview the “ Coquette Plates” which I realized together with the Da Rosa Vendôme Restaurant in Paris (a top address of the Parisian culinary scene).

With the occasion of the 2016 Paris Fashion Week, from March the 1st to March the 9th, at the Da Rosa restaurant, two plates will be offered with a special Italian kitchen inspiration: Rigatoni all’Arrabbiata with fresh mozzarella, basil and ham and an “healthy” choice composed by a tasty salad with many fresh products (for the fashionistas in diet 🙂 ).

The restaturant Da Rosa Vendôme, thanks to its chic and cozy atmosphere and its position two steps far from Place Vendôme, has become the unavoidable meeting point of the Parisian fashionistas and the French gourmets, including me as I adore it! But that’s not all, here a surprise for you:

GIVEAWAY: You could win a Lunch with Me at the restaurant Da Rosa Paris or a delivery of Da Rosa products directly at your home.

TO ENTER THE COMPETITION: Go on my Instagram page (@lacoquetteitalienne), follow me, follow @darosaparis and comment the picture of the contest.

Da-Rosa-Vendome Cave-a-jambon-da-rosa-paris Da-Rosa-Vendome-La-Coquette-Italienne Da-Rosa-Vendome-La-Coquette-Italienne darosa-la-coquette-italienne


Da Rosa Paris Vendôme 

  • 19 bis rue du Mont Thabor, Paris 75001
  • Restaurant – Tel : +33 (0)
  • Open all days from 11h00 to 23h30


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