Luxury in Rhone-Alpes: La Villa Coeur

Luxury in Rhone-Alpes

As you probably understood, from time to time I love to lose myself in some wonderful places!
The last one which I have been spending an unforgettable weekend, about 10 days ago, is a dreamy and luxury villa located and stretched in between the Alps and the romantic lake of Geneve, precisely in Thonon Les Bans.

It is called Villa Coeur (The Heart Villa in English) because of the shape of its big garden but maybe one of the reason why the owners chose this name is because when you go away you actually leave there a part of your heart.

The villa is organized on three floors, and each of them has a private and separate access. And thanks to the six huge bedrooms (the one I chose was actually a real dependance with kitchen and living room) and to the five comfortable bathrooms it could gather up to 18 persons with no risk to disturb each other! The ideal place to spend a weekends with your family or friends.

As soon as I reached Villa Coeur I have been stopped at least for 10 minutes to enjoy the breathtaking view on the Lake of Geneva and I observed on the back of the home the Alps all around, then after getting confident with this very big home and explored all the rooms, I run to get ready to explore the most exciting one. I chose a swimwear and went to the ground floor to try the best of the home, the pool.

Villa Coeur actually is given of an indoor pool which could be perfect not only in summer (by opening all the windows around it) but also in winter, and most importantly at any time of the day, whether for a moment of relax and pleasure or to have fun playing with the ball if you are with many friends. I obviously did both!

I have to say that during my stay everything was perfectly cured in all the details and no facilities were missing in the villa, from the several wi-fi points which allowed me to always stay tuned to even the console games, the gym machines or the table football to challenge each other and bet for whom will pay the dinner (I drew )!

Yes, finally the dinner… The kitchen was super equipped and I was almost decided to prepare a barbecue outside, but in the end and as usual, I couldn’t avoid to get in the car and discover some typical local restaurants and the villages all around the villa.

I could opt for a fish restaurant in front of the lake with an amazing view in Thonon, for a quick one close to the Casino of Evian, or to get some galettes and a beer while discovering a romantic medieval village called Ivory.

Which one did I choose for you? Stay tuned as I will write about that very soon!

In the end I got really amazed by this luxurious villa, but not only that. I have to say that the context around and all the nice village close to it were amazing, romantic and made me dreaming in the car on the way back for the next time I could come back to get the piece of heart I left this time. Maybe in winter to fully enjoy the magic of the Alps.


La Villa Coeur

50 Chemin des Trois Partieux, 74200 Lyaud, France

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Dress : Rachel Zoe by  C’est Ma Robe Paris

Earrings : Sonia Rykiel

Rings: Rebecca jewels / Clara Jasmine Paris

Sunglasses: Dior

Swimwear: Varley London


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