My suggested weekend: Saumur (France)

saumur france

Today is Saturday, the holidays are officially finished! But there are always the weekends to disconnect the plug!

One idea that I would suggest for a quick weekend in France it’s Saumur. A place which I didn’t know the existence until few weeks ago! Because France is not only Paris, fashion and the Eiffel Tower. It’s plenty of places to explore and many new things to experience.

Being a woman-child who still believes in fairy tales, and being at the same time, a passionate of wines, I loved this weekend between fairytale castles (the Castles of the Loire) and wine tastings in very old cellars.

Just arrived in Saumur, the first thing that struck my attention is this fantastic castle that dominates the city. You can close your eyes and imagine other lives, other stories, other times, in the sumptuous rooms of the towers, including secret passages and drawbridges.

The town of Saumur has about 30,000 inhabitants, and it’s very pleasant to get lost in the pedestrian streets of the center of the medieval village and find the way always arriving in the same very particular square, the Place St. Pierre, where you can see different “maison à-timbered” and stop for a break in one of the typical restaurants of downtown.

After dreaming a bit more, I went (on late as my usual) to a sommelier course in one of the wine cellars of the city, where in addition to having learnt new notion about wines and enology, I was able to visit the old quarries where they keep wine, entirely excavated in the rock, so large as to have the streets names inside!

In some of these caves, no longer used for the storage of wine, now some restaurants have been created. Having lunch in one of these it was really fun and unusual! The specialties to try are “Les fouées”, small balls of bread dough, cooked quickly in a wood oven, which are served hot and accompanied by butter, goat cheese, jams, sausages, mushrooms and other pâtés of the day which they can be filled with: so tasty!

Finally, not everyone knows that in this town where Coco Chanel was born!

Location : Saumur, France

Cave à vin: Langlois-Chateau

Jacket : Moncler

Earrings: Chanel

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Eyeglasses: Gucci


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