Palazzo Gattini – Matera, Italia

Palazzo Gattini - Matera

There’s a place in Italy, unknown to many, that this summer I literally fell in love with: Matera.

If you are seeking for some nice destinations for an unusual weekend and you would like to maybe discover a village rich in history, I definitely invite you to visit this fantastic town in Basilicata.

Already chosen for the sets of The Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson thanks to its biblic landscapes, the City of the Stones (“i Sassi” which are the oldest housing units in the world) is divided into two parts, separated by a big rock called Civita: Sasso Barisiano and Sasso Caveoso.

And in fact it’s exactly in the heart of the Civita, the oldest part of Matera, that an amazing luxury hotel where I stayed is located: Palazzo Gattini.

Palazzo Gattini has been built at the end of the XV century by the Count Giuseppe Gattini, and it’s situated over the Dome square, which is dominating the Sassi and where you can enjoy a breath-taking view. The first things which really shocked me has been the frescos over the ceiling and the wall, typical of the aristocratic buildings of that age.

In this sense every room become a unique and one-time experience. The exterior and interior designs, after all, has been cured with the sapient direction of the AD magazine director, Ettore Mocchetti and they have hosted some eminent personalities such as the Dalai Lama.

I spent some unforgettable moments in this Hotel, which really presents all the necessary comforts, from the private parking, thanks to which you can reach the Dome square by car, usually prohibited to traffic, to the Roof Garden where you can spend hours admiring the marvel of the Sassi from a very high spot, to the Relax Zone and the amazing pool with Jacuzzi.

Inside the hotel you can also have a romantic dinner at the restaurant or a real Italian coffee at the bar where you will be astonished by the amazing original pavements. But what I can’t really forget is the morning breakfast, a super-rich buffet set up in a suggestive basement, which in the XV century was a cool cellar where to store the cheese wheels onto some shelf of tuff.

I could share with you hundreds of pictures of that weekend but for this time you can enjoy my selection.

I will surely come back soon to Matera, to experience again that magic atmosphere of Palazzo Gattini, to get lost through the tiny streets in the Sassi and have dinner in one of the several small restaurant in the city centre or simply to dream with the eyes open to enjoy the view of this antique town.

Anybody who sees Matera can’t not stay shocked, so it is expressive and touching its hurting beauty. (Carlo Levi)

LOCATION: Matera, Basilicata, ITALIA

LUXURY HOTEL: Palazzo Gattini


Dress: Zara Collection

Earrings: Chanel

Ring: Rebecca

Shoes: Aldo Shoes


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