If you travel anywhere in the world either for business either for leisure a good start is fundamental to enjoy all your trip. Imagine you start with a flight delay, in a plane with no space for your legs for 10 hours, imagine you go on the other side of the world and at your arrival it’s raining. Well your mood and your entire trip can be negatively affected. We can do nothing with rain of course, but a good way to start a trip in a good way is to make sure to choose the right flight and the right seat. If you travel in economy or premium economy there are some tricks like close to emergency exit or first raw either if you are a fan of the window seat or the corridor, but if you can afford or you have some miles to spend, business class is obviously the perfect choice. More space, more comfortable seats, better meals, bigger screens and you will forget that claustrophobic sense that you have in some flights. Can you really imagine a plane all in a business class way? It sounds like a dream… Actually it exists.

A couple of weeks ago I had to travel to New York & Chicago and I have been invited to test La Compagnie. La Compagnie is a brand new flight company founded in France which operates the tracks from London & Paris to New York only and all its flights only has business class seats. It was an amazing experience, it didn’t seem I was in a plane, only 70 people in a huge Boeing with a great sense of space, great flight meal featured by the chef Christophe Langrée and a Samsung tablet through which I could watch infinite content as music, movies and others.

If you go for few days in New York for business for example you are obliged to sleep into the plane not to fall asleep during your meeting with your customers and especially in this case flying with La Compagnie is the perfect choice as it is almost like having a night sleep at home or in a hotel. That was my case and I have to say for once I did not feel the need of those 2 days rest due to jetleg and I was immediately ready to make my meetings but also to stroll on the 5th Avenue right after instead of going back to sleep in the hotel room. It was a good start (and a good end) for a super week in the US!

PARIS-NEW YORK WITH LA COMPAGNIE Service-Onboard-La-Compagnie-Airline La-Compagnie-Champagne Chef-Dinner-onboard-La-Compagnie Dinner-La-Compagnie La-Compagnie-boutique-airline Vip-Lounge-La-Compagnie-New-York avion Airplane-La-Compagnie

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