PETER at THE PENINSULA : Luxury Tokyo Restaurant

PETER at The Peninsula Tokyo hotel is a luxury grill restaurant that I can suggest to you if you are in Tokyo.

Recently I was in Tokyo to attend the Tokyo Amazon Fashion Week and I can’t describe how this city and its culture can surprise me every time I am back there. Being abroad even when you are working is still a good chance to enjoy your time and discover new things and new places.

I was just visiting the Tokyo Imperial Palace after a shooping morning at the Ginza’s boutiques and I stopped by the Peninsula Hotel.

The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo stand in the shopping area of Marounuchi and a few steps from the luxury shops of Ginza I have been doing shopping at before, in one of the coolest areas of Tokyo.

Pensinula hotels are always sinonimous of luxury, comfort and service and after having passed by the ones in New York, in Chigago and Paris of course I had stop by the one in Tokyo. The weather was unusefully rainy and cold for the season, so I needed to rest and refresh my self with a good lunch.

Food in Japan is actually one of my favourites and although most of the European restaurants offer basically only sushi, you can be surprised by how various and excellent the Japanese kitchen is.

A good suggestion to test the tops of it is actually the Peter restaurant at the 24th floor of The Peninsula Tokyo Hotel. The atmosphere is modern and bright thanks to the light coming from the big windows into the park of the Imperial Palace.

Enjoying this cozy atmosphere as well as the amazing view, Peter restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo is the best choice either you need to get a stop towards your Tokyo visit itinerary, either to meet somebody for a business lunch.

Its menu actually offers a variety of choices, either you prefer meet or fish, of the top Japanese dishes.

I actually chose, and was the first time to try it for me, the Kobe beef. Many people have been telling me it was amazing, so I could not avoid to try it at the Peter restaurant of the Peninsula hotel.

Before that I took a pumpkin soup to get hotter after the big cold outside and I accompanied all with a glass of Bordeaux, to still feel at home, selected by the international wine list.

Every course was wonderful, but when it came to the Kobe beef I can’t use any word to describe its deliciousness and I can only say it’s the best beef plate I really taste in my life.

I will surely go again to Tokyo many times and I am convinced that the Peter restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel will become one of La Coquette’s must do in this crazy but wonderful city.

La Coquette Italienne at the PETER at THE PENINSULA


  • Dress : Christophe Guillaume
  • Shoes: Bettina Vermillon



  • Address :  Japan, 〒100-0006 Tokyo, Chiyoda, 有楽町1−8−1 24F
  • Phone: +81 3-6270-2763
  • Siteweb

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