Can you imagine a nice outfit with a great dress but very bad shoes?

Once you select your clothes and accessories it is always the most critical choice to select the best shoes to make your look really outstanding.

Recently I made a super trip through the United States with Pirelli and I never thought I could discover how tires and cars, clothes and shoes could be linked.

Do you think I am crazy? Follow me during this journey and you will see I am not!

Paris, morning. Just the time do pack everything and have breakfast and straight to the airport not to lose my flight to Los Angeles, California. After a long flight I was almost landed. Flying over L.A. was wonderful, I could see from the Hollywood hills till Venice Beach and then, once I landed and I picked up the luggage, I went in a cab to reach my hotel in the Hollywood district and I spent time watching outside the window the palms and the wonderful architecture which I dreamed in the 90s TV shows.  I reached the London West Hollywood hotel. All the team was there, just a few time to rest and then ready for a great dinner all together in this fantastic place.

The day after early wake up and straight to the brand new PZero store in Santa Monica Boulevard. The Pzero Store in Los Angeles is a luxury car laboratory were you can make sure that your supercar is dressing the perfect shoes! And in fact to release the PZERO line, Pirelli is cooperating with the best top car manufacturers to create the perfect match and create the perfect driving experience, exactly how dress designers choose the right shoes to make a fantastic look.

I was there watching all the Pirelli team fixing my super car. Which one?  A Bentley Continental naturally. After few minutes they chose the right tires and make some fine tuning and I was ready to test it.

Where? The Death Valley.

From Los Angeles we went north and then the magic. The more we run with the car the more the desert and the hills were taking the place of palms and buildings. A fantastic landscape and a great journey in the mistery of this incredible land where there’s just one long street crossing sand and mountains. No phone line, no internet, nothing than desert around me except few curious coyote searching for food.

After a long day in the car I even had the chance to sleep in the middle of the Death Valley at the Furnace Creek resort and the day after I could go to see the Zabriskie Point where from the top of one high hill you can see all the valley for kilometers. Having time in the Death Valley was great and it was the time for a new adventure.

I jumped on the Bentley dress with Pzero shoes and drove until the airport of Boulder City, right after the border between California and Nevada. I didn’t know why I was really going there, and when I discovered I was excited but definitely scared. A jet and a pilot uniform were waiting for me. Fortunately I didn’t have to pilot the plane, but it was really outstanding flying so fast over the desert.

So finished? Not at all.

How can you go to Nevada without going to Las Vegas?! In Vegas I stayed at the Encore. I really wanted to visit the famous Vegas Casinos, like the Bellagio, the Caesar Palace, Planet Hollywood and so on, but before I had to experience another extreme activity. Driving race cars with PZero tires at the Motor Speedway circuit of Las Vegas. Jet was great, but when you drive a car at 300km per hour on a race track, once you exit from it your legs are literally shaking and your heart is beating superfast. It was really funny but also incredible to realize how the combination of tires and engines was making the cars really stable and safe even going very fast. Amazing.

After that action time was finished and I had the need of some more glamour momentum, after a bit of rest I could finally reach the Keep Memory Alive outstanding building when me and some journalists could attend an elegant gala night, I have to say I was feeling extremely tired but much more comfortable. But night in Vegas never ends, so why not doing what everybody does there? It was a crazy night after a crazy trip with Pirelli, but I can’t tell you everything, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


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