Pop Surf in Bali with Roxy

Surf in Bali

Imagine for a moment to be in Bali: the sun, the hair in the wind, the smell of saltitude in the air and the wonderful waves on the horizon. Perched on their surfboards, tens of surfers are waiting impatiently to ride the perfect wave. How not to be tempted to try it? I’m on the beach of Uluwatu, one of the best spots in Bali to surf. The adrenaline is growing inside me. So after a bit of indecision, I decide to go! This is not the first time for me as I’ve already tried in Italy, but here in Bali, in front of the majestic waves of the ocean, you have much more intense feelings .

But for me surf also means fashion. Fashion designers today seem to be fascinated by this philosophy of life a little bit hippy, by the colors and fabrics of the surf clothing , and they often draw in this world to steal new ideas and launch new trends.

To ride the perfect wave, it takes the perfect look!

Therefore, for my surfing day, I chose an outfit by Roxy, with a black bikini top, some colorful leggings from the new Roxy Pop Surf collection.
And now, before I leave you to the pictures, I list below some of the best “Surf Points” on the island of Bali:

  • Uluwatu Beach
  • Suluban Beach
  • Impossible Beach
  • Balangan Beach
  • Keramas Beach
  • Bingin Beach
  • Padang – Padang Beach
  • Dreamland Beach
  • Pererenan Beach


Surf Look: ROXY – Pop Surf Collection


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