Villa Idanna Bali: Relaxing Escape

Villa Idanna Bali

Bali: Sidemen village. Villa Idanna stands on a promontory which is dominating a charming landscape that, a rice terrace after the other and dense jungles which surround its hills, reaches the 3.000 meters of the peak of the sacred Agung volcano.

As soon as I arrive my eyes get lost in a romantic garden of jasmine and gardenias and I already start to fly with my fantasy.

The villa is composed by two big bedrooms and in between a sort of library in which I can’t avoid to enter as first, pushed by the curiosity for all those books on the shelves of that Balinese bookcase.

On the desk instead, one of the Idanna Pucci’s books “Against all Odds”, history of the strange destiny of a Balinese prince, seems to wait for me to be read!

Therefore I can just lay down on the pool side and get lost into ancient Balinese stories an myths, while around me in a surreal silence the local people continue to tirelessly work on the rice fields.

The villa, designed by Idanna Pucci (journalist, writer, director and niece of the well-known Tuscan couturier Emilio Pucci), which used to be frequented by artists and writers seeking for the inspiration and the peace into the nature beauty, now it is available for everybody thanks to Alila Hotels and Resort which, exalting simplicity and taste, through a staff of four people always ready to take care of the guests, but respecting their privacy, transformed it into a dream between interior peace and luxury, without pomps and ostentation, but sober and elegant.

My ginger team joined by the typical Balinese rice paste and coconut sweets is ready, I feel a real princess!

On my left the sun starts hiding behind the shadow of the volcano, at the horizon the thunders of a typical tropical storm.

In the air I can start to feel the rain smell and few meters below the level of the villa, I look at the farmer which can finally leave the rice fields, like me, in full harmony with the nature.

Photo Credits Fashion by  Arief Budiatna

Photo Credits Swimwear and Location by LaCoquetteItalienne 


Dress : Phard

Tailleur: Phard

Swimwear: Victoria’s Secret

Hat: & Other Stories

Hair accessories and bracelets : Dear Charlotte


Villa Idanna- Bali

Contacts : Alila Manggis

Earrings : Sonia Rykiel


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