Outfit in Berlin

outfit in berlin

Voilà, here the pictures of my outfit in Berlin.

Berlin left something special in my heart. It’s a city with thousands of contradictions and maybe that’s why I liked that much and I lool forward to go there again.

What has caught my attention has been the contemporary design perfectly mixed to what remains of the city troubled past. The decadent atmospheres of the 20s which live together with a modernity and a projection to the future, as the one you can perceive looking at the Sony Center, a set of seven buildings in tempered glass and steel, covered by a futuristic umbrella-shaped roof, designed by the architect Halmut Jahn. The square where the Sony center has been built, and where only few decades ago the berlin wall was dividing the two side of the city, today represents the expression of this Berliner modernity: Postdamer Platz.

These pictures instead have been shot in the square of the Konzerthaus (the opera) of Berlin, as after a long day looking at the stunning contemporary design I couldn’t not be caught by this neoclassical style.
Below all the details of my outfit!*

Photo Credits by Andreas Meyer


Top: H&M

Trousers: Forever 21

Necklace: H&M collection

Shoes: Aldo 

Sunglasses: Moa Paris

Bag: Chanel


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