Singapore: The garden city and The Marina Bay


And then, after many hours on flight, I finally landed in Singapore, the garden city.
Right after the airport exit, you could already breath a unique atmosphere, which merged the maniacal care of the environment and the nature to the top of the architectural and engineering innovation, into a futuristic and eco-friendly mixture.
Few minutes by cab spent through some long asphalt avenues surrounded by the nature and I arrived in the area I had chosen as the base for my visit: Marina Bay.
Marina Bay is the cultural hearth of the modern Singapore, projected to the future and to the safeguard of the environment through the technology.
In this area, a water lagoon at the mouth of the Singapore river is dominated by skyscrapers, modern buildings and monuments.
Just a walk on the dock of the bay offers infinite cues, from the Artscience museum with the shapes of a lotus flower, to the famous Helix Bridge, to the light shows projected into the bay, to the number of luxury restaurants, to… yes, even there I could find it, the island-building of Louis Vuitton, certainly the most special shop in the world.
But the most essential element of the Marina Bay skyline it’s definitely the Marina Bay Sands, by far the most spectacular and crazy city-hotel of the world, which I obviously “had” to book for the occasion.
Three towers 200mt high and a mega platform suspended onto them with the highest infinity pool of the world.  The Sky Park of Marina Bay Sands offer a 360° view on the city. From the bothanic park (Garden By the Bay), to all the marina, to the mouth of the Singapore river with its hundreds of commercial ships anchored.
For the most special bath in a pool of my life, I chose this elegant bikini by Varley London in bordeaux and embellished by some cool golden details.
But the Marina Bay Sands is not only the Sky Park, it is the paradise of luxury, food and above all of shopping.
Between dream suites and 3 stars restaurant, as it often happens to me, I got lost for two whole days into the 350 boutiques of the hotel.
From Louis Vuitton to Prada, Cartier, Gucci and many others. In few words, via Montenapoleone and the Champs Elysees put togheter. In other words, the top of luxury in a tropical heaven.






Jeans: Zara

Sneakers: CONVERSE


Sunglasses: POLAROID

T-shirt: KENZO


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