Vintage: this word comes from the French vendenge, that derives from the latin vindemia and that indeed indicates the greatest vintange wines.

Who among you did know that? I discovered that by googling news on the Vintage topic last Sunday, right after I visisted the 16th edition of the Salon du Vintage that took place in the mythical Carreau du Temple in Paris, a sort of inside market built in the 1863 and dedicated to the selling of second-hand or discounted clothes.

In fact I frequently use the term “Vintage”, but I could never imagine that the fashion world had borrowed this vocabulary from the wine industry (which I am really passionate of!). Nowadays there are vintage shops everywhere, vintage markets every week and every real fashion addicted girl has always a Vintage piece with her.

I should admit that up to few years ago, it was quite tough for me to understand and appreciate this fashion-mania and I didn’t love that much to snoop among clothes used for decades in these street markets, so I just limited to steal my grandmother Chanel or my aunt Lucia’s Kenzo cloth of 60s, or the 70s’ Fiorucci jeans to my mother.

But since I live in Paris my idea of Vintage clothes has totally changed; in fact here I found the items and the clothes that have really signed the history of fashion and from time to time I can’t not add a “unique” and “rare” piece to my closet (possibly pre-60s).

After all, if everybody stops to have his own original style, we would finish to be a bit standardized, all of us with the last piece of Zara or with the same homologate bag.But fortunately it’s not the case and I personally love to mix a little bit of everything in order to create the perfect recipe!

The Vintage fair I have been to this Sunday was dedicated to the English fashion, from the miniskirt of Mary Quant (what world would it be without miniskirts??) to the punk-rock style of Vivienne Westwood.

But in the end it was also easy to grasp some Italian vintage sunglasses or small design pieces from the 50s, very original prints and unique vynils!

A kind of blast from the past, which should teach a lot to our generation in terms of creativity and view to the future!


T-shirt : Tee4Two

Trench : Forever 21

Jeans : Zara

Bag : Louis Vuitton

Bijoux : Vintage

LOCATION : Carreau du Temple , Paris


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